Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Our aim is to provide a competitive and efficient service to introduce families in need of childcare solutions to suitable candidates who will fit in with all your requirements.

We have a database of nannies and mothers’ helps throughout the East Midlands. We meet and interview all our nannies face to face, we check their references and qualifications, and ensure that they have an up to date Criminal Records Bureau Check.

There is no fee to register your vacancy with us. We charge a ‘one off’ introduction fee on agreement of employment, as per the enclosed price list, which is payable prior to commencement of employment. Invoices outstanding after fourteen days will be charged 2% interest per month.

First Choice Nanny Agency does not employ the nanny. The client is the employer and is responsible for all PAYE and NIC contributions. We can supply details of agencies (Nanny Paye and Nanny Tax) who will help you with this, or we can give you the necessary information if you wish to calculate these deductions yourself.

We recommend all families have a signed employment contract with their nanny, to list their duties and avoid any confusion. We can supply a sample contract, which can be used as a basis of terms and conditions, including hours, holidays, pay, notice period etc. Nannies will normally expect to do everything for your children, including preparing meals, keeping their playroom and bedroom tidy, and looking after their clothes and toys. They are there for the children, not as a housekeeper or cleaner. This is usually a source of conflict and duties should be specified at the start of the employment. 

We strongly recommend that, before the nannies commence employment, they spend some time with the family to get to know each other, and to understand their role and everything that is expected of them.

If there are any initial problems at the commencement of the employment, we will endeavour to act as a negotiator to try to iron out any conflicts or misunderstandings. If the placement is not satisfactory for any reason within the first month of employment, we will make every effort to replace the nanny at no additional charge. If we are still unable to resolve the situation, we offer a 50% refund of any fees paid. We will not offer replacements or help resolve matters if our fees have not been paid in full.

First Choice Nanny Agency will use its best endeavours to thoroughly check identity and credentials of all candidates offered for employment. We recommend that parents make their own reference checks and speak to previous employers where possible. Although we try to ensure that their information is accurate, we make no warranty or guarantee as to the suitability of any candidate. We accept no liability whatsoever for any loss, damage, costs, claims or expenses made against, or suffered by the client, arising in any way from the introduction or employment.